IP Address, is something like exact address how to find your computer, IP address of your home you get from you Internet Service Provide.

We have 2 types of IP Addresses

Public IP Address – your router or modem is connected directly to the internet, it means that it has a public IP address, some providers gives you one static IP address but some other providers can give you different ip addresses each time you connect to the internet. Now this Public IP address applies to all your devices and computers connected to the internet, as all of them are connected through router and routers public IP address.

Private IP Address – Now your computers connected to the router should also have an address as router must connect with them exchange data, so the router assigns to each of your computers and other devices a private IP address so it would communicate with the IP address, because router or modem cannot communicate with you computer name. Private IP address is only 1 for a device.

Here you can see in the scheme from where to where Public IP Address works and from where to where Private IP Address works:


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