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How to Download files to iPhone or iPad

Downloading files on a PC or Android device is something normal and ok. After you Download files to your iPhone or iPad you can easily browse through folders and open them with a click. For some reason, Apple thinks that this is not Ok, so on the iOS things are more complicated than they look....
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Enable, Disable Checkbox to select Files and Folders

You can make Windows show small check boxes to the left of the folders and files. This will help you to select multiple Files or Folders and take actions like: move, delete, cut or any other operations. Also, at the top, you will have a checkbox that selects all the files and folders. Enable or...
Ubuntu Install Google Chrome

Fix: Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu 16.04

If you are new to Ubuntu, and especially Ubuntu 16.04, you can see that you are not able to install the Google Chrome browser. Note that you can still use the Mozilla Firefox Browser which is install by default on Ubuntu. In this article we will show you how to fix all installing errors related to Google...
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How do I enable the “Universe” repository on Ubuntu?

Repositories are the thousands of Ubuntu programs available online for the needs of Ubuntu users. Many of these programs are stored in software archives which are commonly referred to as repositories. Read more: What are Package Manager, Package Management and Repositories in Linux? Enable Universe Repository from Ubuntu Software Center 1. To enable the so called "Universe" repository, which...
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Fix NVIDIA Graphical Issues after Installing Ubuntu 16.04

Some users have reported issues with NVIDIA drivers after upgrading or installing Ubuntu 16.04. The issues are: blank display, display is flickering, different programs complain of graphic issues, and the computer boots into low-graphics mode. These issues can be fixed by reinstalling NVIDIA drivers, in most cases the problem is in incorrect or not correctly installed...


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