Nowadays GIFs started growing in popularity, that could be the main reason which determined Youtube to create a tool for making GIFs out of videos. The good thing is that the tool was made and it’s in the test phase, the bad thing is that it’s limited to just one Youtube channel named The Idea Channel.

How to create a GIF out of a video

Step 1: Choose a video to watch from the PBS Idea Channel

Step 2: Click the Share button and note that, near the usual options with which we already were familiar appeared the tool named: GIF

gif youtube

Step 3: Click on GIF tool and you’ll get an editing tool that allows you to choose which part of the video you want to transform into an animated image.

create gif youtube

Step 4: You can drag the blue frame on the timeline of the video to select the appropriate clip. Now you are allowed to create 6 second GIFs, hopefully that will change when the tool officially launches.

Step 5: Also you can add text on the video at the top and at the bottom, or you can skip this.

Step 6: Now that you are done, click Create GIF. You’ll get a direct link to the clip and an embed code, also you can share it directly on various social networks.

share gif youtube

That’s all.

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