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Linux is not one of the most popular operating systems (OS), but it has something special to offer. Windows is the most popular OS as far as computers are concerned. Linux is a free and open source OS, do not ignore this operating system. However, there are reasons why this operating system is not popular. This article sheds some light on the differences between Windows and Linux, and highlights aspects where one of them is superior to the other.


There is a big difference between the installations of these two operating systems. Linux offers the ability to “live” boot. This feature allows usage of the OS by booting a disc image without actual installation of the image. This is great since you can test the operating system without having to install it. You can run the live-booted OS for as long as you want or you can later install the OS from the live-booted version once you decide to commit to it. Most versions of Linux OS are not user-friendly as they require some technical knowledge.ubuntu linux try live cd

Windows installation is straight forward. You need to purchase the OS and then run it on your system. Anyone with the basic computer knowledge can complete the installation as there is little human input required. It is actually something that you can as the steps are easy to follow.

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Many people view Linux as a complicated operating system due to this factor. Windows has a simple version and nothing can be done to change the features and appearance of this operating system. Linux is an open source operating system, which means it can be varied and very many custom versions of this operating system exist. The existence of very many Linux-based operating systems makes the choice of one a complicated affair. With Windows, the choices are few; Windows 7, 8 or Windows 10.

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However, there is an advantage of an open source operating system. One user can test as many distros as they like without incurring any cost. The most famous Linux-based OS is Ubuntu. It is viewed by many as a standard operating system which is very user-friendly.


There are several other factors that are useful in distinguishing the two operating systems. Windows is a simple operating system to use. Linux has its advantages, especially for computer geeks who seek a personalized experience. Now you know about these operating systems and can make a wise decision.

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