Looking for a way to boot both Windows and Linux together?  Well in this guide, I am going to teach you how to set up you PC to dual boot both Linux and any Windows operating system. First of all, we need to know what dual booting is. Basically, this is a technique where one computer is configured to run two operating systems. It may sound out of this world, but it’s very possible. This is not something for the tech savvy alone, you can do it (boot Windows and Linux) yourself too. Here is how to do it without any professional help.

Steps to follow:

First install Windows OS

Windows 8 Install Now

If you are already running windows, then you can skip this first procedure. The reason why you need to install Windows first is because when Linux is installed after windows, its boot loader easily co-exists with the Windows bootloader. When you do the opposite (install Linux first then windows), the Windows’s Kernel ignores Linux’s therefore disrupting the Linux boot loader. Read more on how to install Windows correctly.

Ensure you have sufficient storage for Linux

To install Linux, you require some more space in your hard drive that contains Windows, or you may have to use a completely different hard drive for users with a desktop. When installing Windows, make sure you resize your partition to make enough room for the new operating system. However, to avoid running into problems with Linux installers, I recommend using the Windows Disk Management to do this. The process is really simple; just hold down the windows key then R. A small dialogue box will appear, where you just have to type this – without brackets (diskmgmt.msc). Hit enter and you are on your disk management window. Locate your C:\ drive, where most probably windows is installed by default then select “shrink volume” to create space for your Linux Operating System.

Install Linux as the second OS

After choosing your preferred distribution, save the Linux installer on a DVD or USB drive. Connect the USB or DVD to your PC and boot from it to install Linux. Ensure you select “Install Ubuntu alongside Windows“, to avoid replacing the Windows OS already installed as this option will also delete all your windows files, music and videos.

A Grub2 boot loader is set up automatically which enables you to easily select the operating system you want to load each time you power up your PC.

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