Remix OS

There have been many tries to make a Windows Alternative. There was the ReactOS, then Linux Distros which looks exactly like Windows.

Many Linux users today still are not able to feel free and from time to time return to Windows to do some things. Well now we got an operating system which is called Remix OS 2.0.

IT is a bridge between Android and a Desktop Graphical User Interface. It is a light os than can run almost on any device.

Remix OS exists mostly because of Android x86 project, which customizes Android to run on the x86 architecture. Remix OS also borrows Graphical User Interface (GUI) elements from desktops, such as the taskbar and fuses it with an x86 compatible version of Android. Also Remix OS complies with both GPL and Apache open source licenses.

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How to Use Remix OS?

There are three methods of using Remix OS:

  1. The first method is to burn a live image of Remix OS to a USB flash drive and use it from there.
  2. The second is to run Remix OS within a virtual machine, note that it requires the non-EFI version)
  3. The third method is to install it to on a hard drive. This method is not the best as it can damage information residing on the drive.

The best way is to install Remix OS on a USB Drive, well, some users made it able to install it on a hard drive.

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Install Remix OS to Hard Drive

Here is a video tutorial which will help you to install Remix OS on a hard drive. As I said before, note that this method could damage your hard drive data.

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Dual Boot Remix OS

Here is another video tutorial which allows you to dual boot Remix OS. For this you will need EasyBCD Creator or MiniTool Partition Wizard. In this video you will find instructions on how to expand the size of Remix OS to well beyond 4GB in size.

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You Can Install the Play Store on Remix OS 2.0

You can use three really good app markets with Remix OS 2.0: The Google Play Store, F-Droid, and the Amazon App Store. Here is a video tutorial which will help you:

Well, I dare you to try Remix OS, if you really want a Windows Alternative that just works. You are able to install Remix OS 2.0 on your laptop and use it with no problems. It doesn’t require a good performance PC. It is light, cool and easy to work with.

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