On the older versions of Windows we had trouble saving our documents and other things to PDF formats.

Windows 10 has a good integrated feature called “Microsoft Print to PDF“. This feature lets you to create PDF file of the almost any content that has the Printing option. From any web page, document, image or any third-party software that has Printing feature.

The .pdf file can be opened by Adobe, Reader, Foxit Reader and other third-party apps. In Windows 10 Microsoft Edfe is the default app to open the .pdf files.

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Printing to PDF

Microsoft Print to PDF is not actually printing, but its saving everything on the current open app or document to a .pdf document.

Microsoft print to PDF

To use “Microsoft Print to PDF” feature, you will have to find Print option from the menu of the document, or app you are using, or easier is to try CTRL+P keyboard shortcut. From there select Microsoft Print to PDF from the list of available printers.

Then you will be asked to choose a name for your .pdf file and choose where to save it.

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Thanks for reading our tutorial, tell us in the comments bellow what do you use to save, convert files to PDF formats?

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