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As you have seen, even your computer is trying to help you to upgrade to newly release Windows 10 for Free.

Actually Windows 10 will not be for everyone for free, users who have a pirated version of any Windows 7, 8, 8.1 will be able to upgrade for free, but after 1 year they will have to buy Windows 10 license. For other users using Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 will be for free.

Currently Windows 10 is out and rolling to users computers, I had some experience with Windows 10, and I will tell you the reason Why You Should Not Upgrade.

Why You Should NOT UPGRADE Today

I got my upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 pretty easy. At first Windows 10 looks very nice and works very well. New design and concept has changed a little in a better way I would say.

Now here are reasons I am strongly recommending to you Not to Upgrade Today:

1. No Drivers

Windows 10 is fresh released, when I installed it I could not think that for my Samsung Laptop there literary will no be any kind of drivers. No Graphics drivers, no Lan drivers, no Audio drivers, no Chipset drivers and No support from Samsung. You cannot even change brightness of your screen.

This is the situation, the vendors did not have enough time to build new drivers for freshly released Windows 10, old drivers for other versions of Windows are not compatible.

2. Blue Screen of Death

My first day with Windows 10 went very well, but on the second day, just some minutes after I started my Laptop, I got a blue screen just browsing the internet. Well, I just restarted my laptop thinking that it happens. Just after restart I opened my browser again, and again got the Blue Screen of Death.

Well, I thought that the problem is from the browser, on the next restart I did not use any browser, but after half an hour I got again the Blue Screen of Death.

I tried to find out on the internet what is happening, and I was amazed to see the twitter blowing with Blue Screen of Death pictures from Windows 10. The Blue Screen of Death on Windows 10 appears when installing Windows 10 and when you are doing nothing.

The most bizarre thing is that Blue Screen of Death appears not only on other brand laptops but also on Microsoft’s Surface Tablet, which is really creepy.

3. Software Incompatibility

Windows 10 has a very bad compatibility with many software, in most cases you will not be able to run a good part of software. You will get different messages like: Software does not meed requirements.

4. No Gaming

Because drivers are no available yet on Windows 10, the gamers will have to wait some month to be able to play on Windows 10. I’ve tried to install some Intel drivers for my laptop, it was very hard to do it. I installed the drivers from Device Management, but anyway the drivers do not work properly.


As I wrote, Windows 10 has a very big list of problems, looks like is not finished and polished. If you don’t trust me, do a search on internet.

I would recommend you to wait at least some more months till the Driver Vendors will have the specific drivers for Windows 10, till the Software Vendors will update their software with Windows 10 compatible versions, and till the Microsoft will get rid of Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death issues and other problems that users meet.


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