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Most of people that use a smartphone or a PC use very weak passwords for their websites and other accounts. For the security reasons a good password should have letters, numbers and characters. Also the for you should change your password once in at least three months.

Today we have accounts on different sites like: ebay, amazon, facebook, mailbox and many other things like bank accounts, cards…etc. The first mistake would be to have the same password for some of them. So in conclusion we should have an individual password for each account and change all passwords once in a specific period of time. That’s definitely a hard thing to remember all passwords and to be used to change them, also by writing them somewhere is not the best idea as they can be stolen all together.

What is a Password Manager

lastpassSo we have Password Managers, these are websites or apps that can store all your passwords very secured encrypted on their servers. Also a password manager is secured with a password or double login password.

With password manager you can log into any of your accounts without knowing your password, you just choose on what account you want to log in or you can allow your password manager to log you into just right after you entered the website address.

A password manager can change passwords for your accounts automatically, you don’t need to remember old or new passwords, it will change it and will allow you to log into.

Reusing Passwords and Having Similar Passwords

Many of PC and smartphones users don’t understand that the main reason for passwords being stolen are passwords reuse and using similar password to the old one or for a different account. For example when a hacker find a password he will try this password for all other websites you might login, also he would try similar passwords, he also can use password reset option where with a similar password he can get your password reset.

To prevent your password for being stolen you have to use unique passwords for every account, any website and other things. Remembering strong passwords is nearly impossible, and the trick is to use a password manager that generates random passwords for every account you have.

How a Password Manager Will Help You

lastpass autofillA password manager will make your life easier. I am not joking. When you use a password manager and you will open a website, instead of typing the website password you will have to type the password manager password, and it will automatically fill in your username and password.

When you are creating a new account the password manager will help you to create a random strong secured password and will ask you if you want to save it to password manager.

You can set your password manager to change your passwords once in a period, or to remind you to change it.

The idea is that all your passwords will be securely stored and you will have access to them by logging to password manager, so you must remember only one password.

Getting Started with Your Password Manager

password-manager-onesafeFirst of all you will have to choose from a big variety of password managers that are available, each password manager has its options and configurations, I will give you some examples:

LastPass: This is a cloud-based password manager with extensions, it has extensions for your browser and you can have LastPass mobile app. It offers a variety of two-factor authentication options so you can ensure no one else can log into. LastPass stores your passwords on LastPass’s servers in an encrypted form, the LastPass extensions or app decrypts the password locally.

Dashlane: This password manager has apps for every platform like Windows, OS X, iPhone, iPad, and Android. They also have extensions for every browser and Dashlane can also change your passwords automatically. You should also know that Dashlane is absolutelly free.

KeePass: KeePass is a popular desktop application for managing your passwords. KeePass stores your passwords on your computer so you can control them. Unfortunately you have to sync the devices manually to have the passwords on all devices.

Second important decision for you will be to make a strong password for your master password as the master password controls access to your entire password manager. It has to be a strong and complicated passwords and this password you should always remember it anywhere and anytime.

The last step and the most important after installing your password manager would be to start changing all your websites passwords and store them to your password manager. The password manager will help you to create unique passwords and not to use same or similar password for different accounts. With password manager all your passwords can be analyzed and it will give you tips if you have to change some of the passwords.

That’s all guys! Be safe!

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