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The space race for high capacity hard drives has recently seen some ridiculously slashed prices as companies that manufacture hard drives start to feel the competition. Not long ago, upgrading hard drives was only limited to desktop computers and laptops. Even though there were some few consoles you could upgrade, Storage technology just wasn’t at par with these devices, therefore many of them came with the conventional RAID hard disks.

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At the state of technology current devices are manufactured, it is starting to look outdated having consoles that use RAID hard disks. Solid State Drives (SSDs), the latest hard drive technology offer fast speeds and great storage capacities for your PC, PlayStation, Xbox and many other devices.

Although Nintendo has often cautioned Wii U owners against the use of SSD technology, Xbox one and Sony’s PlayStation prefer them instead.

So, it’s show time: Is it worth your money going for an SSD in the first place? First of all let us look at the advantages as I’m quite sure these should well answer your questions.

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What are the benefits you get by upgrading your console to SSD ?

  • Dramatically Increases loading times.
  • Offers a higher storage compared to traditional hard drives, therefore downloading that 50 – 60 GB patch doesn’t get stopped by insufficient storage issues.
  • You are able to use both your traditional hard drive alongside your new SSD without any hassle in the Microsoft Xbox One.
  • For the PlayStation 4, you can replace the entire drive with your old one therefore you do not need any USB connections to another drive.

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Want to know another reason you should upgrade your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One with an SSD drive? Well, the cost. As stated at the beginning of this article, the cost SSD drives go for is very affordable, and with something around $100 for a whopping 480 GB SSD drive, you can take your gaming experience a notch higher by giving your PlayStation or Xbox One some space extra storage and speed up loading time. As you take that in and start thinking which brand to buy, yes, let’s admit.

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