Sony Xperia Underwater

All of us saw the awesome ads with Sony smartphones that are resisting under water, where you can take photos, navigate and take videos under water. Sony made sure that their smartphones can resist under water. Eventually they had some problems, some water leaks inside their last smartphones, after a while Sony again informed us that the problem is solved and the next smartphones will not experience this issue when water penetrated their smartphones.

Unfortunately in the last days, Sony published an interesting warning message on their website where the company warns you not to use its Xperia smartphones while underwater. This is a big surprise for Sony users, especially if that Sony has repeatedly touted the waterproof capabilities of its devices in the past. Also we even watched an underwater unboxing of the Sony Xperia Z3.

Why We Should Not Use Sony Smartphones Underwater

Interesting, why Sony changed its mind? Well, the XperiaBlog points out that the handset maker is now taking additional measures of their underwater resisting smartphones, and has updated its website with a warn to customers, because it can damage the phones and the costs to repair would be very high.

In the description of the smartphone, Sony discourages users by saying: “Remember not to use the device underwater.” Sony devices have receive an IP68 rating. To receive IP68 raiting a phone must be able to withstand liquid under pressure for “long periods.” It has to remain leak-proof down to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. Sony’s phones passed this test.

Sony Explains

“The IP rating of your device was achieved in laboratory conditions in standby mode, so you should not use the device underwater, such as taking pictures. Sony also says: “Do not use the device to take photos while performing any type of activity underwater, including diving or snorkeling.” So its not clear why Sony made their smartphones to work underwater, just in case if you drop them? Nobody knows.

Important for Sony Customers

Sony Xperia WaterproofIt is important to know that Sony issued these warnings for the Xperia Z3+, and then for the latest flagship the Xperia Z5. Sony says that their smartphones are not required to operate underwater, they were just intended to work when they are waterproofed and dusty, not for diving!

If you own a Sony Xperia, you can use it in wet surroundings, but for sure you cannot use it underwater. If you do this, Sony will invalidate your warranty, even if previous marketing campaigns suggested that you can do that.

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