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The battle between Linux and windows is always about their performance as operating system.  Differences will always rise from either users or the manufactures. Everyone wants software that will be fast and easy to use with little or no limitations. The design of the software in terms of appearance on home page will capture the attention of many users. The ability to edit Linux to ones preference gives it more value and some superiority to many computer geeks.  Windows lack this property and this creates the biggest difference. Both may serve almost the same purpose but Linux is the king due to the fact that it’s just a kennel that you can decide to modify with other available programs. Read on and see how and why Linux is Better than Windows.

Why Linux is Better than Windows?

Acquired Experiences

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Having been in the market for a long time, it means that most people has had enough experience in Linux operation and therefore making it more favorable. Windows after it emergence in the world of technology, people had to take some time from their schedules and get to learn how it works compared to Linux which from beginning has been in use.

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Susceptibility to Virus

Virus is another destructive program that bothers almost every new user of windows. Without latest antivirus updates when using windows means that your system is at a very high risk of losing your data. What I want to mean is that window is more susceptible to virus compared to Linux and therefore proving its worthy. We all want software that is resistible and giving you surety of safety of your data which in this case will be Linux.

Availability of These Operating Systems

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Linux is free software in the internet which means you can just download and install in your computer. This property makes Linux most growing operating system compared to windows.  You will need to part with a few dollars to get a genuine Windows operating system. Linux requires little space in your system compared to windows and the lowest processor is also favorable compared to windows.

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Just to give the bottom line, Linux has been a better operating system compared to windows. However, it’s not a good reason for you not try out Windows if you want to. Some people still prefer Windows because of the high compatibility with many software systems suitable for various jobs or fun activities carried out in a computer.

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