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Many Bloggers ask themselves why Link Building is important, if you are new to link building, let me tell you that this is an important SEO performance step, and in this article we will explain you why link building is so important and we will give you the best recommendations on how have a correct link building that will increase your blog SEO overall performance.

What Is Link Building?

We are user that you will find very useful this guide, as link building is on of the main components of your SEO website performance. Today it is very important that link building would have a high quality.

Link building is a process where hyperlinks from your websites are places to other websites., this will allow visitors from other websites to navigate from them to your website. There are different methods to build links, but not all of them are ideal for SEO. For the best SEO you should better build less links with high quality that building many links with bad quality. Bad Link Building will not increase your site rating but will make it drop.

Why Link Building Is Important for SEO?

Well, Link Bulding is not used only by visitors to get to your site, it is also used by the search engines to discover new web pages and it helps them to rank your website in their results.

When search engines scans a page, it scans also the number of links that are pointed to that pages, this part is also added to rating of your website.

Links are a big factor that allowed Google to be unique, they even created the Google PageRank which Google used to measure the quality of a website from the part of links pointing to it.

Later this started to become a manipulation and many sites were getting fake links to increase their PageRank. Now Google has changed its strategy and today Google penalizes websites which tries to get fake links.

Top Ranking Factors for Google

Nobody doesn’t know the full algorithm that Google uses to find websites, display them in search results and to add rank. It is a big secret that Google keeps away from everyone. Acording to the 2013 Moz search ranking factory survey we can see which factors still play a big role in the Googles algorithm. Bellow is the pie chart with top raking factors for Google represented by Moz.

moz google search factorsDomain-Level, Keyword-Agnostic Features
(Quantity of links to the domain, trust/quality of links to the domain, domain-level PageRank, etc.)

Domain-Level, Keyword-Agnostic Features
(Domain name length, extension, domain HTTP response time, etc.)

Page-Level Link Features
(PageRank, TrustRank, quantity of link links, anchor text distribution, quality of link sources, etc.)

Page-Level KW & Content Features
(TF*IDF, topic-modeling scores, on content, content quantity/relevance, etc.)

Page-Level, Keyword-Agnostic Features
(Content length, readability, uniqueness, load speed, etc.)

Domain-Level Brand Features
(Offline usage of brand/domain name, mentions of brand/domain in news/media/press, entity association, etc.)

User, Usage, & Traffic Query Data
(Traffic/usage signals from browsers/toolbars/clickstream, quantity/diversity/CTR of wueries, etc.)

Social Metrics
(Quantity/quality of tweeted links, Facebook shares, Google +1s, etc.)

Domain-Level Keyword Usage
(Exact match keyword domains, partial-keyword matches, etc.)

All factor are important, the volume and quality of link pointing to you web page. Also a good recommendation is to use Google+ and share your articles through it. Google likes to push its services and for using them you will get bonuses, of course you should have a limit.

We mentioned many times that it is more important the quality than volume, if not your ranking will be dropped to zero by Google, pay attention and do not try to lie to Google as sooner or later all Google mechanisms will punish you and your website rating.

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