Wireless Charging - Samsung Galaxy S6

Wireless charging is a cool thing. It sounds great and it is easy to use. The only thing, is that it is not useful. It is less efficient than charging my phone through cable.

Wireless Charging and Charging with Cable

Today we have wireless charging that you can use it in your office home and everywhire if you have a charging mat.

To use a wireless charger, you just have to place you smartphone (which has a wireless charging function) down on a ‘charging mat’. The mat is plugged to a wire and connected either to your outlet or to a USB port.

Wireless Charging Pad

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We have the wireless connecting laptops and other devices. We can connect to the internet without cable. Wireless is a new trend where you don’t need any more cables.

Smartphones and tablets comes with charging cables, and some of them have the wireless charging feature. You have to buy a wireless charging mat by yourself.

Wireless charging give more freedom, where you do not need to find your cable and connect it every time to your smartphone. You just have to place your smartphone on the table on the wireless charging mat and it will automatically start charging

It Takes Longer and it is Not Efficient

Wireless Charging - Samsung Galaxy S6

There are some reasons why wireless charging is bad. Well, charging your device using a cable will be at least 2x times faster. For example charging a Samsung Galaxy S6 from 0 to 100 percent will take about 1.50 hours to charge it using via wired connection. The same Samsung Galaxy S6 charged through wireless will take about 3 hours to charge it from 0 to 100%. Now it is clear that if you need to charge your smartphone fast you will have to use a wired connection rather than a wireless one.

Power Waste

It is not efficient to charge your phone wireless. It needs more electricity to charge a phone wirelessly and it will waste a lot of power. While charging your phone through wireless, the wireless charging mat and your phone will heat, meaning that your phone battery will be damaged little by a little and you will have to change your battery sooner than expecting.

Well, if you are OK to wait more time to charge you phone it won’t cost you anything. You will not really notice your higher costs for electricity and probably in some years you will want rather to change your smartphone than it’s battery.

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