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Many routers offer “Guest Mode.” Basically it gives a separated Wi-Fi network to your guests which connects to Wi-Fi.

What is Guest Mode

Theoretically Guest Mode should be a good option. It separates your network from other Guests network.

This will keep your home network private, guests will not have access to your network and specially to your shared files other the network and other sensitive data.

Guest network give internet access to all devices which connects and you can even limit their number.

Problem: Some Routers Have a Very Bad Guest Mode

Guest Mode isn’t always bad if it good secured like D-Link, Netgear, Asus router do it. We have seen very poor secured Guest Mode rooters like Linksys and Belkin. You should never use Guest Mode on these rooters.

To test whether your router has a safe Guest Mode or not,  connect to it and see whether it’s an open Wi-Fi network that allows you to connect instantly, or a closed Wi-Fi network which will require a password before connection. If you see a dialog box asking for a password it means that it’s safe enough. But if you see a message in your browser it is not safe at all.


Guest Mode is a good thing if it is enough secured. If you will use Guest Mode for your Router make sure that your router offers a secure encrypted guest network. If you will have an open Guest network, guest can snoop your password very easy.

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