Chrome book is a cloud-based-desktop, many still don’t believe Chromebooks will come close to conquering the business market anytime soon, but Chromebooks have its own spirit in hearts of some users.chromebook

Here we will show you the Positive reasons why there are customers who loves the Chromebooks:

1. Chromebooks are Cheap

Yes Chromebooks are Cheap, and because of it’s cheap price, sales of Chromebooks are growing. The price of a Chromebook is about $200, which is at the same category with budget laptops, that’s why Chromebooks are extremely attractive for cost-conscience consumers. Another point is that for a Chromebook hardware doesn’t really matter as they are used mostly to work with the Web Browser on Internet.r learning curve.

2. Chromebooks can be used as “Thin Clients”

Some time ago software vendor VMware has provided a way for Chromebooks to become like thin-clients and to run Windows applications in the cloud. VMware’s solutions costs some money, but it provides that Chromebooks are able to do more than we know, time will show much more discovery for Chromebooks.

3. Chromebooks are a good for Daily Use

Chromebook can be a decent PC for home use, for an advanced user and a simple user, Google has alternative offering Office, the alternatives are Google Docs and Quick Office, not at equal with Microsoft Office 365, but for non-professionals and home users this apps are enough to cover daily needs, even some school projects.


4. Future of Chromebooks

Certainly Chromebooks future is light, because every company now have some projects with Cloud Features, more than that Microsoft has placed officially Online applications on Google’s Chrome Web store, and now Chromebooks are able to run Office Online by Microsoft. Most other Chrome applications are of a similar nature: They’re good enough for basic, none-too-complex tasks, games, and streaming media. However, power users and professionals will likely remain unsatisfied with the limited functionality of most Chrome Web apps.


5. Chromebooks and Education System

Chromebooks has already proved to be they good when talking about education, this is because of following:

– Low Cost which is Ideal for Schools.
– Apps for Education – Google and not only Google, have on Chrome Web Store already a big variety of Educational Apps, which are very nice and interesting to use, and proved to be good enough for school.
– Long Battery Life – everyone knows how important is battery life, Chromebooks has proved to be the best.

6. Chromebooks and Video Conference

Google have announced they are partnering to bring WebEx and Cisco Web conferencing to the Chromebook platform, which just can encourage using Chromebooks at home and not only.

The Bottom Line:
Chromebooks are quite a good thing, not the best for business professionals and power users, but maybe the best for us, simple users, teachers, students, internet users, and many more people
Advantages are visible, web apps, everything is integrated by Google, low cost, long battery life, what more would you want? Chromebook is awesome.


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