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Android vs iOS, is a battle for life, if anyone remembers Steve Jobs words: “I will destroy Android”. At first presentations and some more presentations after iOS was looking so perfect, a very nice styled operating system. Android looked simple and even wallpapers were looking cheap. But after years Android seemed to catch up in everything, and here are some reasons why the latest version of Android, 5.0 Lollipop is better than Apples lateste version of iOS 8.

Reason 1: Open operating system

Android is a open operating system, every developer has the chance to do what ever he wants. Android is a open source-operating system. You can change almost everything in it, customize it, change settings and many more things. For example HTC, Samsung and LG make their own interface, so you get an Android Phone but not really looking like an Android. On Google Play Store you can find a lot of things to personalize you Android, for a much deeper personalization you will have to root your Android.

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Reason 2: Design

As I said, Android was not the best in design, looks like Android team worked more to implement better performance and tools, to create a perfect system, and at the last we got a nice design. Last version of Android L comes with the most stunning design which ever was on a mobile phone, very nice colors, very beautiful menus and a lot of animations and motions.

Android Lollipop 5.0 right now is at a higher level of beauty than iOS, iOS for a long time did no change its design, but Android came with an answer which will be hard to beat.

Reason 3: Better Multitasking

Android multitasking is much better that on iOS 8. This is because Apples multitasking works by killing the application, if you don’t kill it, it will work in the background and eat your battery life. Comparing to Android, Android multitasking is perfect, you don’t have to close your application, just go to home screen or switch to another application and Android will copy the application on the partition. This means that application is saved safely and not running at all, no battery loose and when you will launch it again it will come back from memory as you leaved it.

Reason 4: Notifications and Interaction

Android is the best in notifications, notifications are looking awesome, appearing on your drop down bar, home screen, with a simple swipe you get rid of them. The interaction and feeling is better than ever.

Reason 5: Multi User Support

Multi user support is not available for iOS devices. Instead you get it for Android, This feature allows you to have multiple accounts with different profiles, for your kids for example, you can create a profile which will allow them to use your phone with their settings and processes.

Reason 6: Battery Saver Mode

To save the battery on your iOS 8, you will have to go in settings and manually change a lot of things like changing luminosity, turning off vibration, then turn off your active application. On Android you have a magic button integrated Battery Saver Mode, which enabled automatically changes screen luminosity, app memory usage, even CPU slows down. With this feature you are sure to use your phone for a longer time.

Reason 7: Android Compatibility with Smart Watches

Android has released Android Wear an operating system which is on many smart watches today, which means they are compatible with your Android, you can have the smart watch connected to your phone, being able to read notifications or to do other things, just take a look at the range of smart watches you have from where to choose:

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