Internet browsing is a very important part of our lives, here us were we get all information we want, bad or good, positive or negative. Browser then, should be considered the second most important part after browsing as we use them to browser.

Chrome vs Firefox vs Internet Explorer

We tested the current most popular browsers, Chrome vs Firefox vs Internet Explorer on our HP DV6 with Intel i7 CPU and 8GB of RAM.

Boot Time

We used the Passmark benchmark time to test the booting time for the browsers. Here are the results:

Chrome was the fastest, the second was Internet Explorer with 0.002s slower and the last one was the Firefox with 0.005s later.

In the real world you would not notice a difference at all.

Memory Consumption

Earlier Google Chrome was considered as a very fast browser. Today it has become on of the browser who eats a lot of RAM.

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So, in the test we opened same tabs in all three browser, we opened an YouTube video, a News article, our mailbox and the, all in separate tabs.

Then we checked the Windows task manager, and here are the results we got:

This time Firefox was the less hungry browser, followed by Internet explorer which was hungry with 463,000KB and followed by Google Chrome which was hungry with a little more than 600,000KB.


We tried different benchmark tests, to test JS, HTML5 rendering and other things.

For example with the Peacekeeper benchmarks, the fastest browser was Firefox. The second was Internet Explorer which had a score by 40% worse, and almost 45% worse than Firefox was Chrome Browser.

Next, the Sunspider benchmarks had got different results. This time Internet Explorer was fastest, followed by Firefox and Chrome.


All browsers anyway look familiar. Of course Internet Explorer is the classy one, and Chrome is the best designed.All these browsers look similar, except that Internet Explorer is a little more classy. Anyway we can consider the Google Chrome best designed, as it give us a many customization possibilities like changing theme and colors.

chrome browser welcome screen

Firefox is not far behind, but it is a little more average. It looks more practically designed. Anyway the design is still simple and easy to use.

Mozilla Firefox

The Internet Explorer, didn’t get a fresh design fro a long time. It is the old classy browser with the same buttons, just a little more lighted up.


My verdict would be following, Firefox a practical browser, Chrome a good designed browser with a lot of options and addons. Sure Chrome will have to eat more RAM for cooler design. Internet Explorer I would consider just a simple browser, not for performance and not for design.


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