If you are looking for a new microSD memory card for your smartphone, you will be confused when you will find out that there are different models of cards, like the classic microSD, microSDHC, and microSDXC.

I will explain what each type of microSD card means and what can do.

First of all, microSD, microSDHC, and microSDXC actually means the storage volume:

    Micro SD – A classic Micro SD has a maximum of 2 GB of storage
    Micro SDHC – The memory of a mircoSDHC is between 4 and 32 GB
    Micro SDXC – The memory of a mircoSDXC is between 32 GB and 3 TB

HC abbreviation means High Capacity

XC abbreviation means eXtended Capacity


Old classic microSD cards are usually formatted in FAT32 format, some of them in FAT16 format.

The microSDHC cards are usually formatted also in FAT32 format.

The microSDXC cards are formatted in the brand new exFat format.

If you have an older smartphone or an older digital camera, you will have to pay attention on the supported microSD card format type and volume storage size. Some devices does support a maximum storage of 4Gb for example, also some older devices will not support exFat format.

Before purchasing a microSD card, check the manual of the device, or do a search on the internet, to find out from other users experience.

Also in some old devices, you can still format the newer cards, it will simply format them in another file system that device can read.

Image source (Flickr): Phil Dokas

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