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Every new technology takes some time for people to learn and understand it. With Windows 8 devices, however, the learning curve is a little bit faster than you’d expect. The main reason for this new phenomenon is the inclusion of the new user interface and the built in store which adds on to value and freshness to the OS. The one great thing that sets Windows 8 apart from the rest is its social networking approach.

Screenpresso Settings

A few years ago, the social media aspect was overlooked by Microsoft and to get access to one, you had to go to a third party to install it. Today, Microsoft has a well integrated social networking phase which allows you to get access to popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Skype without visiting third parties.

The Use of Windows 8 People for Networking

For a longtime, Microsoft has been using third party solutions to cater for the developing changes in the social network industry. Today, however, Microsoft has come up with Windows People app which meets all social network needs of its customers without necessarily going to third party platforms. The Windows People holds contacts of all your friends and family and displays them on different social networks.

You can easily add Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Windows Live by just visiting the Windows People and clicking on ‘connect’. All you need to do is enter your Windows account name and password to do all that. The greatest advantage that comes with Windows People is that you can easily sync all of your contacts in your phone and other social networks and be able to view them in one list.

The updates that Windows People roll out every other time are displayed on the Start screen of the People. This makes it easy for you to update, and customize your phone to suit your very specific needs. Even though there are no dedicated Facebook or Twitter apps in Windows People to allow automatic integration, you will find that the steps featured on People screen for syncing with these platforms are extremely easy to follow.

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Windows 8 are a sure way to enjoy using social media. They are perfect for personal or commercial use. With its latest development, it’s now easier to access different social networks without need to use a third party. Being a modern technology, there is no doubt that it is one of the best ways to have fun online.

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