Microsoft had a small event were was presented information about new Windows 9, nope, it was not 9, I don’t know where has disappeared Windows 9, because new Windows from called Windows 10. Microsoft presented a small introduction saying that Windows 10 is it in the early stages and a lot of things will be changed, in the way that users will understand it and will be easy to use.

Windows 10

As it was presented Windows 10 is still in developing state, and it will be available for every platform, from phones to Surface, Laptops and PCs. Then name of Windows 10 is coming from nowhere, as I understood they just skipped Windows 9 name for an unknown reason for us.


The Start Menu is back

Good new for everyone I think, as Microsoft Windows 8 was hated because of missing start menu and it was very hard to work with new full screen menu. On WIndows 10 start menu will be back and even improved with live thumbnails and you will be able to resize the start menu, also you can personalize start menu to work for you with searching options and some more things. I think this is a great response for customers which hated Windows 8.


Apps will open in windows

Not everyone knows how hard is to work with a full screen app on Windows 8, for Windows 10, Microsoft again changed everything back, now apps will open again in Windows, which will be more comfortable to use and navigate through them.


Touch Interface updated

Microsoft again has the idea of uniting experience across devices, including Phones, Tablets and PCs. This means that Windows should look the very similar on every device, even if on your PC you use Keyboard and Mouse and on phone you navigate with help of your finger. Windows 10 will support touchscreen and when you will switch from keyboard and mouse to touchscreen, Windows will try to be more friendly when it will detect that you switched to touchscreen.

Release date

Unfortunately Microsoft says that Windows 10 is still in early stage and till then they will release a preview, you can find more info on Microsoft hopes to launch Windows 10 later 2015. No words from Microsoft about free upgrades to Windows 10 for Windows 8 users, and no words about pricing.

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