Mobile Data on Android

Nothing lasts forever, or so they say. You might have bought the coolest mobile phone in the world with the best and current features during that particular time. But things do change and the features as well as the phone style may no longer be cool and therefore you want to upgrade. Mobile phones come in new styles and models everyday and hence the need to upgrade.  If that’s the case, I would advise that you recycle it for cash if at all it’s still in good condition.

Before reselling your phone, there are things you must do to ensure your safety as well as get a fair price in the market.

Before Reselling

Transfer your data

Before recycling your phone for money, ensure that you transfer everything that you stored in it to your computer or another mobile phone. You can as well transfer them to other storage devices that you have.

After transferring all your photos, contacts, videos and any other thing that you stored in your device, you now need to get rid of them so that the new owner will not end up with your family contacts and photos as well as all the confidential that you stored in your old device.

Delete everything after transfer

To ensure that you permernently get rid of them, don’t just erase but instead, overwrite your data. You can also get rid of data by connecting the phone to your computer and then shred the files manually by the use of your computer’s file shredding program. The last thing to do now is reset the phone to factory settings and then remove your SIM card, all the cases and screen protectors. Be sure not to forget to remove the micro SD card.

Consider how you want to be paid

Before selling your phone, it’s important to decide on how you want to receive the funds. However, this will largely depend on your customer. In case you’re selling it to a trusted friend or a relative, it’s more flexible as you can use any available mode of payment. If you decide to sell it to Cell phone carriers for example, they will either assign you credit if you don’t want to trade-in to a new phone.

Remember what looks old to you is as good for someone else. This means you will always find someone interested in buying your old phone.

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