What is Raspberry Pi?

A credit-card sized computer developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, with the intention of providing low-cost computers and free software to students. However, it already became more than a cheap computer.
The Raspberry Pi plugs into a usual computer monitor or TV, and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. You can use it as a usual computer to browse the internet & play games, to control a moving box with wheels or just to learn coding in languages like Scratch or Python.

Raspi_Colour_R[1]Raspberry Pi is not a simple computer because it can interact with other technologies, and it already been used in many digital projects starting from music machines, parent detectors to weather stations and tweeting birdhouses with infra-red cameras.

How can we use it?

1. For web browsing
Hook it up to your TV, and enjoy big screen surfing. Just type into a Terminal: “sudo apt- get install chromium-browser” and hit Enter.


2. Robotics
Who doesn’t want to make his own Robot? No, not those who will control all humanity and will kill uncontrolled ones, a friendly one. Online magazine RPi MagPi has some projects on how to make robots. Bigtrack and RPi

raspbery pi technozed.com

3. Code
RPi is a great platform for programming, it supports a huge choice of languages. Find a list on the eLinux wiki


4. Own Cloud server
Want to create your own cloud server? RPi seems perfect for this job, find all the informations on how to do this on petRockBlog.

5. RPi quadcopter
Who doesn’t want to have a flying drone? Just think about how cool is to create your own drone and code it as you want. Take a look at the OwenQuad open project.

6. Minecraft
Yes. The popular Minecraft game, the new acquisition of Microsoft is available for the Raspberyy Pi and it’s free to download on Minecraft.net.

Hope, we intrigued you by the possibilities of Raspberry Pi, now it remains to keep searching until you find with what you want to gift your RPi and to start working on this.


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