Periscope is a live streaming based social media app that has been launched by the social media company, twitter and it is just so addicting. It is what is called the messiah of social media, it has become a game changer. Twitter bought the app for 100 million dollars. This is now a personal broadcasting network, anywhere at any time.  There is only one word to describe the use of periscope, and that word is Hooked. All you need is a mobile device; it is available to both iOS and android.

It came out on March 26 2015. The way it works is you point your front facing camera to yourself, or your camera to your subject, and start filming and people will come and watch your video live stream. This app enables you to livestream your live events whenever you want to and anybody around the world will be able to view.


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This is confirming that the world is becoming a non-privacy world because social media is now everywhere, and this is the next evolution of livestreaming. Who wants to watchTv when you can watch your friends or favorite actors, presenters, icons, musicians online for free.

Once you have downloaded periscope, it has a pretty basic menu system. It gives you a list of famous people using the app. You can search the person you are looking for, but it is linked to your twitter account.

On the TV menu page, this is where all the live feeds are available for your choice. You will be able to see the videos of people you are following, if you have notifications on, you can watch their videos as they start streaming.


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This app is relevant in our society right now because a lot of things are going on. Social media has taken its course when issues arise in the society. The TV has always been the common place to go when you want to advertise your business or your talent and it is expensive not to mention to have the amount of time you need to describe your intentions is limited.

Periscope answers all these questions and provides more for less than you can imagine. Get the app and try it out.

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