The Alt Text, or also called alt attribute is mandatory step when uploading images on the web but is often ignore, because it takes some more time to add this attribute and seems to be unnecessary. This is unfortunate because the alt attribute is a very important thing on the web and I will explain you why.

When the website has problems and image cannot be displayed, instead of it will be displayed the Alt Text. Alt Text should be describing what the image is showing, or communicating.

Alt Text rules and use

  • Alt Text should describe the action in image, what the image is communicating to user, or if it’s not communicating anything, Alt Text can be also the title of the image.
  • If the image is a link, the Alt Text of the image should describe the target of the link.
  • If the image is something for decorative purposes the Alt Text can remain blank.

Reading this you can think that alt text is for visitors with accessibility, that can be true but it’s not what is all about. Alt text is also related to all content of the website, so it’s mainly used by search engines, it helps search engines to index images more efficiently and to sort them.

So should you use Alt Text?

Always try to add Alt Text to your images, alt text will describe your images and will help search engines to learn more about your website.

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