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If you are trying to root your Android, probably in every tutorial you come up to read about ADB or ADB Drivers. If you are new to Android probably you will not have idea what is ADB. Let me explain it to you.

Android Debug Bridge or ADB

The ADB actually it is a “bridge” for developers to work out bugs in their Android applications. This is done by connecting a device that runs the software through a PC, and then sending to it terminal commands. ADB “bridge” lets you modify your device through command line from you PC.

Usually even the most advanced users will not really need to type command lines for their smartphone. Sending command lines to your Android is very rare, for example on some device you will need to follow step by step commands to root it.

Installing ADB

When you need to root your device, or to code on Android, you will anyway need to isntall the Software Development Kit from Android.

From here you can download the Android SDK for your platform:

Mac OS X

SDK Manager

After downloading, extract it to an easy to remember place on your PC. Then open the folder and run the SDK Manager, for OS X you will have to execute the program “Android” which will be located in Tools folder.

After launching SDK Manager, you will see a list of optional packages that you can download and install. From here you will have to download and install the “Android SDK Platform Tools”. Find it and check its box to indicate that you want to install it then choose “accept”.


Also to work with your phone or tablet, you will need its drivers to be installed on your PC.

The easiest way to do is to search for your phone name + drivers. For example: Samsung “Samsung Galaxy S7 Drivers”, or “Samsung Galaxy S7 Windows Drivers”. You should get a direct link to the page from where you can download the drivers.

Another option, is to download the USB drivers from SDK. From SDK Manager, go to the “Available packages” tab on the left, expand the “Third party add-ons” then expand the “Google Inc add-ons”. From there check the entry for “Google USB Driver” package.

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