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Windows 10 is up for grabs, for PC users and it is something most people do not want to miss. However, those with Windows 8.1 have conflicting thoughts whether to upgrade to the new update. Some argue that the two are similar. What are the facts? It is true that the two Windows resemble each other visually but the latest update has extra features and capabilities, which you will not find in Windows 8.1. Let’s look at some of the benefits the upgrade can have on the users or those interested in using it in future.

The Voice Activated Cortana Assistant

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To begin with, the application has a voice-activated Cortana assistant. As its name suggests, this feature gives responses to commands meant for web searches as well as creating calendar appointments. The upgrade also comes with a new browser referred to as the Microsoft Edge. The browser is a bit faster and amazingly responsive. What more, you benefit from Windows Hello, which is a security feature that runs on biometric elements. To open the computer, it uses facial recognition. This feature will help to heighten the security of your PC. Where the computer features the relevant hardware, it can open using your fingerprints.

Restores the Start Up Menu

In addition, Windows 10 restores the start up menu. However, it does not cover the entire screen as the one in Windows 8.1 but you can adjust the settings. Even if it will not be similar to the one in 8.1, it will behave as so. The application also gives you easier access to Microsoft OneDrive and Windows Store for downloading games and apps. If you have the older versions of Windows, you can upgrade to enjoy this feature and enjoy its feature.

Microsoft One Drive Autosave

At the moment, Microsoft has released Windows 10 as an optional update for PCs using Windows 8.1 and 7.  But, they have also promised to make it as a recommended update. This way, computers that are set to automatically install updates, will initiate the process on their own. The alert will show on your screen. However, if you feel that, the Windows 10 does not auger well with you; just revert to your older version. To get the most out of the Windows 10 upgrade, consider familiarizing yourself with the features. This will help you to appreciate each of them and put the features to use for your own benefit.


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