seo-meta-tagsMeta tags arepart of code which is inserted in the <header> of w website, usually after <title> tag. Meta tags have different forms and are used for various purposes. Meta tags help the search engine like Google or Bing to find your website by these tags, in short words, me tags are a feature for search engine optimization.

Meta tags can consist of tags like “meta description” and “meta keywords” tag which are used by webmasters to provide the title, descriptions, and different keywords for their web page, so after, the search engine would search for the keywords, or same title, and would display results with specific website. Unfortunately meta tags today are not so important because everyone is using them and for search engine is a mess to find something by meta tags, so it uses different alternatives to search a specific page.

Meta description and meta keywords tags sure can be useful, if it will not help search engine in finding your website, it will help it to sort it by categories, there are other useful meta tags, like meta http-equiv tag, meta refresh tag, the meta robots tag, the meta copyright tag, and the meta author tag, among others. These tags are very useful for search engines, and always helps them, to search, sort, order and find correct data on the internet.

This is an example of basic meta tags between header tags:

 <meta name=”title” content=”Your website title or page title“>
 <meta name=”description” content=”This website is about technology“>
 <meta name=”keywords” content=”News, Blog, Technology, Gadgets“>


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