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We all know the pain Linux users have had to undergo when it comes to games and the limited opportunities this Operating system offers. As a Linux user, you feel the unfairness of game developers because of their affection for the top flight operating system – Windows. Even if you get an opportunity to game on you open source platform, you are still restricted to similar open source games from private developers, and let’s face it…They don’t usually live up to your expectations.

Is there a glimpse of hope for Linux gamers you ask? The answer is a big Yes. In fact, playing your favorite Windows games on Linux platform is easier than you ever thought!

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What do you need to pull this one off?

  • Your time. (About 40 minutes).
  • Any PC game. In this case, you’d pick your favorite of course.
  • GNU/Linux installation with the latest Kernel available.
  • (Free download from Linux or third party websites).

Wine, as we all know has mostly been used to run windows applications on Linux, but who said that doesn’t include games? This program has similar functionalities to emulators, but it cannot be termed as one. Instead of wrapping the parent Operating System from its child so that a second OS can be set up, it avoids the errors common with this approach by using APIs to communicate with Windows Applications.

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Installation Procedure

As is becoming with Linux, Installing new software is very easy and Wine is no exception. Modern versions of Linux come with package management software. To install wine on your Linux system, here is the procedure:

  1. Launch the synaptic package manager from the applications menu.
  2. Click add/remove, then click the search icon and key in the word wine.
  3. As the results appear, among them you’ll notice and application called Wine version 1.0.0.
  4. Click on the left box beside Wine to select it, and click on the apply label.

Once installed, you need to configure wine’s graphics and audio settings. This is again child’s play as you only need to open the terminal window and type winecfg. This takes you to wine’s configuration window. Click your graphics to adjust to your DirectX configurations. On the audio tab, click test sound to ensure sound is coming through your speakers.

After successfully configuring Wine, visit Wine’s official apps database at and search the database for the windows game you want to install in your Linux PC. In this database, you not only find the games supported, but you also find user reviews and comments so you know what actually works and what doesn’t. This saves you the few bucks you’d have spent buying a Windows game only to find it can’t work.

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  1. Wine 1.8.1 is the latest stable release :) not 1.0.0 If 1.0.0 is showing up, you really should go to and get the latest stable release.

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