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Welcome to the world of Linux that is waiting to shower you with free open-source software that you’ll be able to use on any PC. From now on, hardware drivers will work differently and the experience you’ll get from software installation is nothing less than wonderful. It is easy to use Linux and also for you to enjoy what it has to offer. To get started, it’s not even necessary that you install Linux on your Windows PC. Read on and find out everything you need to know about Linux world.

Choose Linux Distribution

Since there is no particular version of Linux, you can choose any Linux distribution that you’ll want to use. Any of the Linux distribution you settle for combine the Linux Kernel with other several software such as your desktop environment, web browser, and GNU core utilities without mentioning graphical server and much more so that it becomes a single operating system for you to install.

Download Linux

After choosing your most preferred distribution, download the ISO disc image that you’ll need from Linux distribution’s website… it’s absolutely free. You can choose the most popular distributions like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, openSUSE among others.

Universal USB Installer can be used if you want to create a bootable thumb drive with the use of an ISO image of the Linux distribution that you had chosen. After which, you can choose to place the ISO image on a USB drive or simply burn it to a DVD.

Boot the Linux System

The next step is to reboot that Linux system. Insert either the USB drive or the disc depending on what you place an ISO image on and then restart your computer. In that way, it will boot automatically but if you notice that booting isn’t happening, all you need to do is select a boot device. Before you boot Linux, it might require you to disable the Secure Boot in case it is a Windows PCs with Windows 8.

Linux Software Updater

If you like, you don’t have to use Linux operating system every day but you can always have the Linux live DVD or USB drive so that you can insert it into your computer and boot at any time you want.

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Linux changes how your computer works and it’s worth trying. You can use for fun or business. It is efficient and comes with features that enhance users’ experience.

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