Skype for Android

Do you have and Android phone and you’re wondering how you can use it for video calling instead of the traditional calling method? Well, a video call – a one to one interactive communication between two or more people – has numerous advantages compared to the traditional calling method.

This merits of this calling method are multifold: first, it promotes personalized communication between you and the person you are calling. You have one-to-one interaction with the person you are talking to. Second, it brings you closer to the person you are talking to. That’s why you have a one-to-one interaction.

Third and finally, you can initiate a video conference – chatting with more than one person at the same time over the internet – with multiple users over the internet. But what must you have before you can make a video call? Good question. Your mobile phone must have a Front Face Camera (FFC). Without an FFC on your mobile phone, you won’t be able to make any video call. Most of the latest and trendiest smartphone gadgets such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 have this camera. You can access some of the 10 best Android devices—those Android phones that have FFC by reading this article. Once, you have acquired a smartphone with a FFC, you can easily make video calls to any person who has the smartphone with FFC.
There are various apps that can help you make video calls with your Android smartphone. There is no point dipping. Let’s get to the apps that can help you make video calls. These apps are the following.


SkypeSkype is not only a popular app that can help you make video calls from your desktop computer. Video calling on Android for most of use is better through Skype. You can download this app from your Google Play store, if you want to use it for making video calls.


Voice Call in WhatsAppThis app belongs to Facebook Inc. it is the most popular app for making video calls from mobile phones. It is available from Google Play Store. The process of downloading and installing is very straightforward.


The Fring app has been with us for quite some time. This app supports cross platform group video chat. It is not only used on Android devices, but it can also be installed and used on other mobile operating systems.


The Tango app supports video calls to other smartphone users that have also installed the same app on their mobile devices.

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