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Recently many journalists wrote about the spying thing. How big companies like Google and Microsoft spy the user computers and smartphones. They even don’t hide it from you. Usually you have to accept the Agreement you automatically accept that you will be spied by them. Also we know that using browser like Google Chrome, will spy on everything you do and collect different data that after is sold for advertisers.

Now we have different projects like Disconnect – the app that was banned by google for no reason, just because it can block Google and other to spy on you. Tor Browser is another big project that stands for user privacy. It is a quick and simple browser that will not allow anyone to watch you.

What is Tor Browser?

Basically Tor is not a simple browser, is something much bigger. Tor is a full computer network run by volunteers worldwide. Each volunteer runs a relay, basically a computer that runs a software which allows users to connect to the internet via Tor network.

So when you are opening the internet, the Tor Browser will connect through several relays to wipe its tracks, making difficult for spy companies and guys to see who you are.

Usually to is used as a tool to buy illicit goods online, or hiding from the governments. Also journalists really like Tor browser because they can communicate anonymous.

You don’t need a reason to use Tor Browser, you can use it just like an everyday browser to keep privacy from your ISP, Advertisers, or other data collectors.

Getting started

Tor Browser Getting StartedThe Tor Browser actually is a modified version of Mozilla Firefox browser which has integrated other software allowing you to connect to the Tor Network.

To use the Tor Browser you will not need to do any unusual things. Just download the Tor Browser from the following link: Download Tor Browser for Windows, also you can use Tor Browser on your Android smartphone.

Installing Tor Browser

When the download is finished, open the .exe file that you downloaded.

Tor Browser InstallingThe installation process is just like on any other program. Choose the location where you want the Tor Browser to be installed and click the Install button.Note, that the Tor Browser is a portable software. Because of this Tor browser will not be integrated into the Windows system like other programs do. The portable Tor Browser is a very good option, as you can even open it from a flash drive on any other computer, anytime.

Using the Tor Browser

Once the browser installation is finished. Go to the location where you installed the browser. There you will have a folder called “Tor Browser”.

To start the Tor Browser you will have to open the “Start Tor Browser.exe” file. Now a new window “Network Settings” will appear, which will ask you to connect directly to the Tor network, or if you need to configure the proxy settings. See the screenshot bellow:

Tor Browser Network SettingsBetter to choose connect directly to the Tor network. In a few seconds the Tor Browser will launch where you will be able to browse the internet anonymously.

To test the Tor Browser, go to, which will automatically detect your location based on your Internet Protocol address. Now if you open the same address in your regular browser you will see that Tor’s Browser address is different.

Also if you try to search something in the Tor Browser, and write it right in the address, Tor Browser will use the Disconnect Search: to search anonymously on Google. See the screenshot:

Tor Browser SearchRemember that browsing in anonymity. It will not protect you from viruses and malware. Also Tor Browser is not so powerful. Tor just hides you from regular spying tools used by big companies and cannot protect you from hackers, or different spying software.

For an average internet user, Tor Browser for the moment is the best browser. We recommend to replace browsers like Chrome that are collecting data from you.

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