Cygwin Terminal

Window uses Power Shell command line tool comparing to Linux that has a much more usable so called Terminal which has been in use for years. The best thing is that you can actually enjoy both when installed to the system. You will find that indeed they are both great i.e. Linux commands for Windows can do many other things besides figuring out window equivalents. You only need to put all in directory and then add the directory to your path, In addition if one is going to be administrating Windows, it is more advisable for one to be very familiar with Power Shell.

So, this time we will show you how to install Cygwin which is a large collection of GNU and Open Source tools which provide functionality similar to a Linux distribution on Windows.

1. Download Cygwin

Go to the link and download Cygwin:

2. Install Cygwin

Open your Cygwin setup and follow the steps.

Install Cygwin

It might take a bit longer to download and install Cygwin. It only takes a few minutes and you should not switch off the system. After you have successfully installed you only need to go to your desktop and double click on Cygwin Terminal 6 icon, either way you can go on your start button and click on the same icon of Cygwin. On the final installation you will see that the Cygwin window looks similar to Windows Command Prompt.

Cygwin Terminal

3. Try Cygwin

After you run Sygwin, in the terminal windows you can be able to write UNIX command and execute, unfortunately by using this Cygwin you will not be able to work with normal Windows Command Prompt. You will eventually  need to set Cygwin path, because this window does not allow you to update or access any file. There are very many widely used Linux commands and it is very advisable that people in the IT field are familiar with one operating system and they need to learn how to work with another operating system besides what they are  familiar with. You will find easy a very long list of the Linux commands that you need.


Linux commands or UNIX commands for Windows are easy to use. Just follow the steps above and it will be ready for use in a few minutes. Remember, you do not need a professional tech expert to learn how to use it. You can do it without much help. Follow the points and you are good to go.

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