TV remote controller

The Apple TV has its own remote controller and it works very well. But what about having multiple remote control with different functions that will allow you to control your Apple TV media center. If you own an Apple TV, you have the luck to use any remote controller with your Apple TV.

Apple TV can learn commands from any receiver, cable box or remote controller. The fourth generation of Apple TV uses Bluetooth and traditional infrared (IR) to communicate with the remote controller.

If you didn’t know, from the settings you can teach your Apple TV to recognize input from any IR based remote. Some of the receivers or remote controller don’t even need the learning process as they are automatically recognized by Apple TV. The Apple TV uses HDMI-CEC, which is an over-the-wire control in the newest HDMI devices, if your device supports HDMI-CEC, you can use your TV remote to control you Apple TV by enabling HDMI-CEC on your TV.

So, let’s take a simple TV remote and teach apple to recognize it. We will use a older type of IR TV remote.

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Teaching Your Apple TV The New Remote

Before starting this tutorial, make sure that you have the stock remote for your Apple TV, and another TV remote with good batteries.

Now turn on your Apple TV and from the main screen go to the Settings menu and select “Remote and Devices“.

Remote to Control Your Apple TV 1

From the “Remote and Devices” menu select “Learn Remote”.

Also see if the “Home Theater Control” is grayed out, it means that your TV set does not support the HDMI-CEC standard. If that section is not grayed out, it means that your device supports HDMI-CEC.

Remote to Control Your Apple TV 2

To make the Apple TV to learn a new remote you will have to select “Learn Remote“, then the Apple TV will prompt you to make sure the remote has available buttons for you to assign to the Apple TV. For example there can be buttons that are hard to code, and cannot be used. Please continue reading to understand the process.

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Remote to Control Your Apple TV 3

You will start by pressing and holding the button you want to program. If there is a button that is not working, you can use your Apple remote to skip it and try with another button.

Remote to Control Your Apple TV 4

When you will finish to program the buttons, you will be prompted to save your configuration. I would recommend you to name it by the name of the device you took the remote controller from.

Remote to Control Your Apple TV 5

When you finished the setup you can click OK to exit. Also you can to some advanced setup by selecting “Set Up Playback Buttons”. If the IR remote has dedicated playback buttons, you can make them to be used by selecting the “Set Up Playback Buttons” option.

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We hope that this tutorial would help you to use with Apple TV any remote from your house that you like. Please feel free to share with your Apple user friends.

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