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IOS 9 is a mobile operating system which was developed by the Apple Incorporation and later dispersed purposely for the Apple hardware.It operates most of the iPhones, iPads and iPod touches. Connections involved with the OS include use of gestures in swiping, tapping, pinching and reversed pinching.

Steps of Setting Up the Alarm

iOS Alarm Clock

First we will consider using iPhones as alarm clocks. To set the alarm, click on the Clockapp icon found on the home screen. It will show on the screen of the last time you were active in the app and force closing of the app. At first the clock app will open to a word known as world clock.The alarm icon will appear as 02-tapping-alarm-icon.

Click on the plus sign found in the right corner of your screen. In choosing minutes, hours and the PM/AM in time setting, swipe up and down little by little on the Add Alarm screen. One can change alarms by entering a new label and tapping back to return the added alarm on the screen. One can choose the sound alarm and vibration type you want. In cases where one wants to the alarm to snooze and make you wake up instantly, you will have to install an app known as Alarm Clock Free. This will enable one change snooze time.

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Setting Up the Timer

The time can be used set to count any specific time you need, it will begin from the highest number you set and countdown to zero. To set it, tap your “Timer” icon which is found at the bottom of your screen. You have the options to select a ringtone that will alert you when the time is over. Just Tap the where it says “When Timer Ends” and you can tap the “Start” icon on the screen.

iOS setting timer

You time will remain displayed and you can pause any time by simply tapping “Pause.

To start again, just tap “Resume” and it will proceed. But to stop it completely, you have to tap “Cancel.”

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Setting Up the Stopwatch

Click on the “Stopwatch” and begin your timing by tapping “Start” button.

This stop watch comes with a feature that enables you to use lap times, which makes it possible to stop it or record when it reaches a certain point, but still keep running the whole time. It can be used when running to record amount it takes to finish a single lap and still give total time taken.

Setting Stopper iOS

To start recording a lap, tap “Lap” icon.

Whenever you tap “Lap”, current time will be recorded and at the end you will get a list of the laps and time each took to finish. When you are through with it,simply tap “Stop”.

If you want to continue from where you stopped, touch “Start” again.

You will get “Lap” times recorded and you will only loose them when you tap “Reset” to restart your stopwatch from the beginning.

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