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Driver is a software which allows your operating system to work correctly and at maximum performance with the hardware. A graphics driver is the software for graphics hardware which allows you to play PC games. Many of you don’t know that keeping your drivers up to day increases the hardware performance, eventually gaming performance.

It is highly recommended to update your NVIDIA, AMD or Intel Graphics drivers, here is what you should do.

Why Should You Update Your Graphics Drivers

Updating your drivers means that many bugs are fixed, and also you get speed improvements. Today NVIDIA, AMD and Intel are working hard to release new updates which will be compatible with new operating systems, updating drivers your computer will get more performance to support newly released games. Everything is about performance and giving a better results when playing games.

For example NVIDIA says that it’s new graphics driver updates can give more gaming performance by increasing the game play performance from 4-6% most games, up to 38% in some games.

How to Update Your Graphics Card Drivers

First step should be to identify your graphics card model if you are not sure, there are many possibilities to do it, including third-party software like Driver Magician. Other method, if you use your computer for a while you should already have the drivers installed on it and it means that we can find the model from you computer.

Go to Device Manager from Control Panel, or search it in Start Menu, see bellow.

windows 8 device manger screenshot

Expand the Display adapters section, here you will be able to see the manufacturer and model of your graphics card.

windows device manager

If under Display Adapters you see both Intel and Radeon (Radeon’s manufacturer is AMD) or Intel and NVIDIA, you should know that your laptop is using Hybrid technology, which is used intelligently to switch to Intel Graphics when you don’t play games, so the battery will not be drained, and switching from Intel to Radeon or NVIDIA graphics when you are playing for a better performance. In our case we will update the Radeon driver as this one is used in gaming and the gaming performance depends on it.

Where to Get the Latest Updates

Every graphics card can be updated from manufacturer website, the links are bellow:

Download NVIDIA Graphics Drivers
Download AMD Graphics Drivers (including Radeon)
Download Intel Graphics Drivers

From there you will have to select the exact model of your graphics card as you see it under Display Adapter in Device Manager window.

After selecting the correct model, download it and run installation. After Installation your computer will ask to restart, do the restart and that’s all. Now your computer will be using latest driver updates and will have a better gaming performance. Even if you will not notice it with your eye there should be good improvements.

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