You’ve waited that UnActivated Windows 10 would make problems after being installed. I can say for sure that its false.

Unactivated Windows 10 works as good as an Activated Windows 10. The only bad things are the notifications which will appear after several weeks of use. If you remember Windows XP had a WGA which would block access to the Windows if you did not activate it. With Windows 10 you will see only some notifications that will remind you to activate Windows.

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The first thing you will see would be a watermark on the up right side of the screen. A message saying: ,,Windows isn’t activated. Activate Window now.” Well you can easy ignore this message and it is interesting that Windows will not bother you with any other pop-up messages or anything else which will stress you.

windows 10 isnt activatedThe next thing that will remind you that Windows 10 is not activated is that you would not be able to modify your desktop wallpaper. When you will try to change your desktop wallpaper you will see a message that you have to activate your Windows before personalizing it.

windows 10 desktop wallpaper

How to Change Desktop Background on UnActivated Windows 10?

The funny part is that you can actually easy change Windows 10 desktop background. You can do it easy by just opening any image you like, then using the right-click -> Set as desktop backgroud.

Also you can easy access standard Windows 10 desktop backgrounds by navigating to C:\Windows\Web then open the image you like and set it as your desktop background with the right click.

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Besides this small discomforts if we can call them discomfort, unactivated Windows 10 will actually work unlimited time and will never block you from using your PC. See how to install Windows 10 without a License. For the last years Microsoft tries to become more flexible even with the customers witch are using pirated versions of Windows. At the time of Windows 10 release they were allowed to upgrade for Free.


  1. Are you sure that is the only limitation of a non-activated windows 10 copy? Because I noticed that updates would not download on my non-activated copy of Widows 10 single language copy.

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