Xposed Framework offers an easy way to customize the Android system without making changes to apps or source code. It is easy to install, friendly and is in APK format.  Xposed Framework is a fast , easier and less invasive tool than custom ROM. It is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Remap hardware buttons
  • Manage app permissions
  • Enable side-by-side multitasking
  • Add options to the power menu
  • Disable the unsafe volume warning
  • Enable OK Google For Third-Party Launchers.
  • Install themes

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Installing Xposed Framework

Xposed Framework is not available in Google Play. So you need to install by downloading it from Xposed home page, transferring it to your phone using USB cable then launching the APK to begin installation. You can also download Xposed installer APK, Xposed framework zip and Xposed uninstaller zip from Xposed forum thread on XDA Developers then transfer the 3 files to your phone using USB cable or app like dropbox.

Reboot your phone and the TWRP home screen will appear. Click the install button.

Xposed Framework

The following screen will appear and you will scroll down to search for the Xposed Framework Zip file you earlier transferred.

Xposed Framework 1

Tap the Xposed Zip and you will see the following screen. Swipe to confirm flash.

Xposed Framework 2

Then tap the wipe cache/ Davlik button and reboot your phone. If TWRP asks if you want to install Super.Su now,choose ‘Do not Instal’.Launch the Xposed Install APK you transferred .This will install app you will use to manage your modules.

Launch the Xposed Installer and the below screen will appear.

Xposed Framework 3

Installing Modules

Now that Xposed is all set up, you install modules by searching the module, downloading the module and then activate the module. Xposed modules contain different tweaks you can use to customize your android system. Some are small and perform one function while others are containing a complete package.

Tweaking Modules

Many modules will have their own interface from which you tweak different settings related to the module. You should always check the settings for your module to see the amazing offers it has.

Remember that Xposed modules can access functions in your phone and threaten its security. Avoid modules that you are not sure about their origin. Go open source ones and only use them. Some developers are not genuine and may be looking to steal some information. However, when used properly Xposed framework comes with many benefits.

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