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TV shows and movies cover up logos on different products. They will use a tape to hide the name or use something similar to the original logo. The taping is known as greeking and all this is done to avoid being sued by the original brand owner.

The main reason as to why this is done is to stop the thought that some of the producers of the shows are involved in the endorsement of a product and this can be highly considered by brand owners as a controversy.

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In the United States of America and other nations in the world, it is illegal and very risky to display or bring into advertisement logos that have not been paid for by owners and the people who have trademarked it. This showing of logos without payment by owners can to some extent give an advantage to some of the common brands in the word and this advantage can act as a disadvantage to other networks and make advertisers lose their opportunity as a result of this.

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Normally, it is neither fair nor good for any company to gain permission and endorsements for nothing or something whose cost is very little for the product. This is not worth the time, money and effort whose loss can be of great disadvantage to any company whose goal is to develop and run a beneficial business. For logo of any brand to be shown on a movie or a TV show, the company that is involved in producing the brand with the logo has to seek permission from the TV or movie producing companies for the logos to appear in a clear manner for the screen by the audience.

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In simple terms, the TV and movie companies are not ready to offer any free advertisements. If at all this was happening, then other companies would with a great force lobby so that they could have their branded products on the screen too. In conclusion, companies pay a large amount of capital to have their products advertised and this is the main source of capital to the media industry. Ensuring full benefits by avoiding free advertisement of products is enhanced by the hiding of logos by TV shows and in movies too.

Now you know why products in movies and TV shows have no logos that you do not know or have no names at all.

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