Sometime it would be great to have a portable Xbox One, just like a laptop, forget about TV Screens, cables, connectors, projectors. A good way to play your games while you’re away from your TV. That would be great so a guy named Ed Zarick has developed a clam shell Xbox One mod that lets you play your console even when you’re away from your home, it is really portable and it really looks like a laptop

Ed Zarick had already tried to build laptop-style mods for the Xbox 360, but the Xbox One conversion into a laptop was a start from the begin. He used 3D-printed plastic parts, laser cutting, display and different cables. The final result is looking awesome.

Ed Zaricks converted Xbox One into laptop uses a 22-inch full 1080p Led-lit LCD panel from Vizio,  Of course, it’s also a 22-inch monster, so that certainly hurts the portability of the device. All things together weights about 14.5 pounds / 5.6 Kg, looks like it’s the heaviest ever laptop, but don’t forget that you carry a real Xbox One, + everything else which converts it into a laptop. The best way to carry it, you’ll need suitcase.

This guy can help you to have your own Xbox One Laptop, for about $1,100 + some more money for shipping your Xbox One to him, or send some more money to him to buy an Xbox One for you.

Your Xbox One will not have a battery as it needs a huge one, this is not really the best thing, but as a concept, a portable Xbox One is awesome, Thanks to Ed Zarick, maybe Microsoft will hire him to develop his product already with Microsoft.

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