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People sound different and have different accents as well as talking speed. The way a person pronounces words, sometimes is understood wrong by the compute. Today we will talk about Cortana from Microsoft, Apple’s Siri and Google Now. These are the most popular assistants on your mobile devices and computers. They will listen to you, while you will tell them different commands or ask them to search something for you. Unfortunately they will not understand you always, and will require some training to understand you.

Modern voice assistants are designed to understand different voices. Sometimes it requires some time to train them to make them understand your speech.

How to Train Voice Assistants?

We will start to explain how to train Microsoft Cortana voice assistant. We will tell you all the tricks to make the search assistants understand you better.

Train Cortana for Windows 10

Lucky for you, Cortana even does include a voice-training feature. Cortana will upload your voice activity and store it and analyze it each time. This way it will learn your voice and to understand your speech better. You can ask Cortana to stop learning you, by just saying: “Stop getting to know me”. But note that after this Cortana will understand you harder.

train cortana

So, to start training Cortana, you have to tap the Cortana bar on the taskbar. Then click the “Notebook” icon and select “Settings”. From there you activate the – Let Cortana respont to “Hey Cortana”, then click on “Learn my voice”.

After this Cortana will guide you, bu asking to say different phrases to learn your voice. All these things will make it easier to understand you afterwards.

Train Siri on iOS 9 Devices

On Apple devices you will also find some training features. When you got your device, just activate the “Hey Siri” feature. When you will say to your device “Hey Siri” you will be prompted to perform some voice training, so Siri will understand you better.

train siri

To activate “Hey Siri” feature, go to the “Settings app” on your Apple device, tap the “General” category, and then tap “Siri.” From there activate the “Allow – Hey Siri”. There you will be prompted to train Siri. Follow the Siri’s guide to train it.

Here is How to Enable “Hey Siri” on iOS 8.

Google on Android and Chrome

Unfortunately Google is the only one that doesn’t include a special training. There can be some trainings on some devices like Motorola where you will be prompted to train it by saying several things.

This doesn’t meen at all that Google Now voice search will not understand you. You have to know that Gogle captures and keeps all the voice commands that you perform on your phone. Google stores it in your “Voice and Audio Activity” on your Google account that you use on Android device. Of course you can delete all the content that it is stored. But if you leave it, it will make Google to learn how to recognize your voice better.

train google now

If you want to choose if Android should send this data, from Google Settings app, go to  “Activity controls”, there you have the options to delete it.

Important: Hackers Can Use Radio Waves to Control Siri and Google Now

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