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You might be a person who loves Windows with all your heart but aren’t fully satisfied with the Task Apps that are featured on the Windows Store. Unlike some years back when you had to just accept the fact that you didn’t have much of a choice when it came to picking tasks apps, today there is the option of using Google Tasks Apps on your Windows device. Find some of the best paid Google Tasks apps.

Hot Tasks

Google Tasks Apps 1

This is a free app and it’s ideal because it adds functionality to your device. Its method of working is to increase the tasks color as the due date nears. The app refers to the color of the task as temperature and this means that the redder tasks are more due than those which are pale in color. It comes with a great tutorial and its visual design helps in the reduction of eye strain especially at night.

Great Task Pro

There is a free version and a paid version for this app. The Great Task Pro is excellent in the organization of tasks in accordance to their due dates. The only downside that you might not really love is the absence of the integration of the Google Calendar with the app. There is a drag-and-drop interface feature which makes the operation of the app easy and seamless.

Tasks HD Pro

There are free and paid versions of this task app. The functionality of both paid and free versions happens not to be very different. The paid gTasks HD Pro can manage two lists and on each list there should be 7 tasks. The main advantage that comes riding with this app is that it has pop up reminders of all upcoming tasks and it displays tasks conveniently inside Windows Live Tiles.

POM Calendar

Google Tasks Apps 2

It is an easy app to use because it integrates Google Calendar and Google Tasks. It is great because it simplifies the operation and the management of tasks on your Windows device. Even when it comes to installation, POM Calendar is easy to configure and understand. It however suffers from sluggishness and sometimes one might consider it unstable.

You have no reason to remain disorganized. Get a number of these apps and you will never fall behind deadline. They can be used in your computer, mobile phone or any other gadget that you chose when working online.

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