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Today we can use internet for advertisement, better and cheaper than all other types of advertisement. Internet has become one of the most popular services in the world. Internet is very cheap and it is spread all over the world, even in space you can advertise. Advertising on the Internet is relatively cheap and effective. You need a small budget and the rest work will be done for you. Let’s count the top ways to advertise your website on the internet.

Top Most Effective Ways to Advertise Your Website or Product Online

7. Post in Forums

Posting in forums is a good way to advertise as it is completely free and it takes you some minutes just for writing some good comments. You don’t have to write spam posts, you will have to make sure that you are answering to the question on the forum, your comment or answer on the topic can include a link to your website or web page of your product. Try to find forums which are the same category as your website or product. Make sure that you will include an appropriate URL and description which will not look to much as advertising as you can get banned from the forum.

One more benefit is that your posts and URL’s on the forums will be indexed by search engines like Google and later it will start to give you some traffic and will increase your page rank.

To find forums just go on Google, and search for the category keyword and the word forum, for example “food forum”. You will get a big number of forums, register and start posting carefully.

6. Ask Bloggers for Reviews

What you have to do is quite simple, find influential bloggers according to your website or product category, and ask them to review your product or service. Most bloggers will accept to review your product if you give them one free, or a free service. Many companies promote their products with help of bloggers, even smartphone online shops send free smartphones to bloggers for a review on their blog.

No cash needs to be spent as blogging is still a hobby for the most bloggers. A blogger would love to review you product or you service if you give them something back free, of course you can propose something much cheaper than a smartphone.

5. Get Published Online

A good way to advertise your website and to increase your website rating. To help increasing your website rating you will have to submit interesting articles from your website to reputable websites, such as

Ezine advertising is a good method to reach your future customers because it is inexpensive and flexible way to reach ezine audience with your article or product. Enzine is a very high rated website where good articles are posted.

Also try: and which do the same. This type of advertisement will not only provide potential traffic, but it will also help you to establish you as an expert in a related field.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great tool that can be used as advertisement. Most people need to be engaged before they are becoming interested in something. Email marketing is on of the strongest ways to engage people to read what you are proposing to them, as every user is used to open his mailbox and read each email.

You will have to get a Subscription Form for your website and give users a reason to subscribe, next you can send from time to time emails to your users about new articles or products. Every time there will be users which will find something interesting in your emails. The bigger is the number of subscribers, the bigger is the number of users which will be interested in your emails. Encourage users to return to your website regularly  by showing them new interesting products, new interesting articles or anything you have interesting and show them what they are missing.

3. StumbleUpon Paid Discovery

StumbleUpon is a website where users can find easy new websites, videos, photos and images from across the Web. Users choose the categories which are interesting for them and they receive a lot of content from different websites based on the categories they selected. StumbleUpon uses to offer recommendations for their users on what to visit or what to watch. You can get “StumbleUpon Paid Discovery” where you pay as little as $0.05 per click, so for $5 you can get 100 unique visitors to your site. A very good way to promote your website or a product.

Also, you should know that on StumbleUpon your website can receive “Likes” too, after getting some good amount of likes, you will start to receive free traffic from StumbleUpon visitors.

2. Facebook Ads

For a small amount of money, Facebook is capable to target the specific users you need, sorting users by different types and needs. Targeting users will help you to reach more clicks from users and saving more money. For a small amount of money Facebook will provide a good traffic to your website.

With Facebook ads you can spend as little as $5 per day and target specific users by: age, gender, education and interests to some specific categories. Also for more free traffic you should connect your website with your Facebook account, besides traffic on your websites you can get likes on your Facebook page, then sharing new content on your Facebook page will make users to return to your website or product page.

1. Google AdWords

Google Adwords and PPC (Pay Per Click) can give you some really good traffic, Google has info on the most users that uses Google products, like Google Chrome Browser or an Android phone. Google knows what you are searching every day on the internet, what product you bought last time and what products you are searching for. All this information is used for advertisement, so the advertisement always has the best target possible.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a lot of traffic, just try to spend about $10 to $20 a day that will provide you with a large amount of traffic. It’s not a problem if you are new into AdWords, just check Google’s official resource blog on all things AdWords.

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