Top Free games you should play today


1. Planetside 2

Planetside 2 is an epic action game, the battle is impressive and never stopping, you’ll be amaized that this action game it’s completely free. Of course there are in-game purchases, but you can still can have so much fun in the battlefield.

Free Download Planetside2

2. Dota 2


Everyone knows Dota, or at least head of Dota. It’s an awesome strategy game, with impressive graphics and online gameplay. Right now Dota 2 is in closed beta, but many fans allready got it and the battle is outstanding.

Free Download Dota2

3. Hawken


The idea is that you are behind the controls of your own mech and fight it out in a gloriously realised future world with Hawken, everything around is war. Everyone is agile, and angry. You have options to upgrade yourself, play in team, and destroy your enemies. Have fun!

Free Download Haweken

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