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Cloud storage has become an integral part of our modern, mobile lives and for sure in the future it will replace traditional methods of data storage. Sounds very promising, however Cloud Storage providers don’t hurry to give us more disk space on free plans. That’s why we gathered and analyzed all free offers on the market and chose the most generous of them.

1 MEGA Cloudmega cloud storage icon
With a generous basic service plan of 50 GB, Mega cloud gets the first place and not only for their generosity as well for its commitment towards costumer privacy. Also costumers can set bandwidth speed limits for the program, upload whole folders via any browser and share data with anyone. One of its disadvantages is that clients get a monthly 10 Gb bandwidth limit.

2 Google Drivegoogle drive icon
Its basic plan gains you 15 GB of storage space, however if you use Gmail and Google+ then your space will split between them. Unlike other providers, Google Drive doesn’t have any way of adding storage through refferals or linking your account to social media. However, there are periodic promotions.

3 OneDriveone drive
Previously SkyDrive, is similar to Dropbox and it offers 15 GB free. But it’s not limited to this, also it offers 500MB for each refferal (+5GB) which means that you’ll have about 20GB of free space. OneDrive works very well in pair with Microsoft Office, whenever you save a document it uploads to your drive, which works like a backup cloud.

4 BOXbox-icon[1]
One of the first cloud storage providers which retains position, even if on the market appeared such giants as Google and Microsoft. Box’s basic free version offers 10 GB of free storage, and no other methods to gain more free space. You can sync files between your Mac/Windows PCs and the cloud with the Box program.

5 pCloudpcloud icon
Getting a free account on this cloud service, brings you 10 GB of free space, also you can gain 10 more GB by getting refferals. pCloud allows you to share folders and files with anyone, copy social media photos to your account, and manage everything in between with a mobile app, through a web interface, and using a desktop program. There is no upload file size limit and a bad thing is that you can’t password protect shared files/folders.

Also take a look at:

With a free plan gives you 10 GB of free space, also for adding refferals and connecting/sharing on Social media could bring you 50 GB. But many users complain about the slow uploading speed.

This cloud is mostly based on team work, it gives you a client software you can use to connect to TeamDrive Cloud Server and collaborate with your team members on the files you are working on. The free plan gives you 10 GB, and there are no other methods to gain more free space.

Amazon Cloud
A simple online storage service, usually used with a Kindle product but not limited. The free plan includes 5 GB of free space.


  1. We cannot trust cloud too much. Binfer bypasses cloud storage servers. This is the best way to send secure files.

    • Yes rags, you are right. We have been watching cloud breach incidents daily, cloud storage is not trust worthy. I would suggest you to save your important files in your home system and access it from anywhere by using

  2. Hello guys. For me, a best cloud storage service is Adrive. It offers you free 50GB. And many more options for file management. Their website is:

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