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Google Play Store is filled with millions of apps that are useless and a from millions of apps you can find some apps that could give you a goof experience.

We picked up five different interesting application from Google Play that will keep you exited to use your smartphone.


Coursera AppCoursera is a education app that offers a variety of online courses. The Coursera app connects the users to their courses where you have to choose from over 600 courses.

In this app you will find top lecturers from over 100 leading global universities and institutions. Users can stream the lectures and even download them.

This is a great app with some of the top lecturers, it is made to increase your knowledge.


videogram appVideogram is an app that allows users to browse through videos without having to wait for videos to load. The app loads videos through thumbnails of the video. Users can select categories, get YouTube videos, and also upload their videos to Videogram.

Users can select any thumbnail of a video and share it on social networks, other users can click on link and watch the video from the frame without opening it.

A very useful app which can save some time reviewing a video you are thinking to watch.


RetricaMany users heard about popular app called Retrica, basically it is an app that offers over 80 vintage filters for your camera and the effect is applied in real time. The free version of app gives you about 50 free vintage filters that you can play with.

Besides the filters, the app can capture exact moments of your expression. You can tweak the image, focus the blur and more effects like retro borders and different logos for Retrica.

We really like this app, as it does a good job.


ChoreMonsterThe ChoreMonster apps can make easier your life with kids. What it does it allows you to create a to-do list of chores and to assign a reward for each chore. Kids will have to complete the assigned chore and the they will receive the reward, the reward can be anything you want, a toy or some gaming hours.

This is one of the best app to discipline your children and will allow you to easy explain them what they have to do, how much of it they did it and what they can get.

Internet Speed Meter Lite

Internet Speed Meter LiteAlmost every user has limited internet traffic for their mobile device. With this app you can log every day your mobile data usage, all traffic is monitored and you can also see the internet speeds at any point you want.

In out opinion, this app is a very good log which can show you anything about your internet traffic. All these apps can be found on from your computer or in Play Store app from your Android device.

Images source (Flickr): Jason Howie

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