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Windows has its built in Firewall protection since 2001, so paying for a third-party firewall doesn’t make a lot of sense. Although the built-in Firewall protects your system from outside attacks, ignoring those from inside. So, for two-way firewall protection you do need more than windows alone can offer. For this we searched and analyzed a bunch of free Firewall software to get a top 5 of best Free Firewall.

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Here are the Best 5 Free Firewall Software:

ashampoo_logo5. Ashampoo Firewall Free

The program’s interface is sleek and intuitive, its functions are neatly organized in tabs. It’s not the best firewall, although it’s a great choice for novice users who know they want protection but aren’t sure how a firewall should be configured. Users don’t have to do much work to configure the program initially. Also, the program automatically notify users when an application attempts to connect to the internet and asks whether user wants to allow this action. It’s simple and does a good job.

Download Ashampoo Firewall Free

4. TinyWall 2.1 Free

393534-tinywall-logo[1]TinyWall effectively blocks Trojans, viruses and worms. It’s mostly based on application whitelisting. It’s not complicated and to use it you don’t have to understand anything about DLL files, ports, or other technical details. If you’ll activate Autolearn mode be absolutely certain that your computer has no malware, otherwise it will unavoidably be whitelisted by the firewall and not detected at all. Scan your computer with an Antivirus Software before installing Firewall.

Download TinyWall 2.1 Free

3. Online Armor Free

xicon185_oa.png.pagespeed.ic.hzK7LFrLzP[1]With Online Armor you get real-time protection, which means no lenghty scans instead, it evaluates each program as it runs. It has plenty of configuration options, especially in its Advanced Mode. Also, you can block traffic from specific countries known to host hackers. It prevents hackers from accessing your computer, stops malicious programs invading into your computer and sending your data over the internet, protects you during your online banking and transactions, and safeguards your identity.

Download Online Armor Free

comodo antivirus icon2. Comodo Firewall

Already for several years in a row is fighting for the first place. Comodo Firewall has some pretty powerful features that really keep you safe from intrusions. The last version is suitable for both lightly-skilled users and technically advanced users. It includes a light sandbox component to limit the way unknown applications and new software installations affect your computer.

Download Comodo Firewall

1. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

zonealarm-free-antivirus-firewall-13-535x535[1]ZoneAlarm protects system from intrusions as well as program access to the web. After installation, users will have to interact with this firewall for a time to make sure programs needing LAN or internet access are granted proper permissions. Popups are very simple in format offering Deny, Accept, and a checkbox a user can check to make firewall remember decision. There are 3 protection levels, Low, Medium and High. The 3rd one is not offered in the Free version, although the Medium level is even enough for a free program. ZoneAlarm mostly works in the background, only appearing when something changes, like when you install a new program or somebody else does.

Download ZoneAlarm Free Firewall


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