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Google Play Store is full of unattractive and not very smart apps, Google is trying very hard to teach developers how to make good designed apps.

For now we have selected our Top 5 applications from Android marked that we consider to be great looking and will make your Android smarter.

Yahoo News Digest

yahoo news digestYahoo News Digest is a news reading app, better and smarter than any RSS feed reader app. The app makes you a summary of most important news twice a day. All important stories carry a summary covering the key information.

Yahoo News Digest also has one of the best looking interface and a great user experience.

Sunrise Calendar

sunrise calendarUsually all calendars are looking not to nice, even loaded with appointments are looking ugly. The Sunrise Calendar has good a very cool design, the data is loaded from users Google account, Facebook and Email. The calendar also comes with a nice widget and web interface.

User can connect the Sunrise Calendar with Evernotes to make reminders visible and edited from Evernotes.


QuickPic appQuickPic is an app the replaces the boring Stock Gallery app. This app automatically will group your photos by time and location and can also play GIF images and videos.

QuickPic can also be connected with Picasa, Dropbox, Flickr, OneDrive, Google Drive and more apps, where it will store a the copies of your photos. This app is also a very good manager for your pictures and videos.

Hello SMS

HelloSMSHello SMS is an alternative app for the stock messaging app. The Hello SMS offers White and Dark look which can be selected by users. The interface is quite different, it’s a tabbed interface with the photo of the person in each tab.

Very nice and handy app, it differs a lot from others.

Expense Manager

expensemanagerExpense Manager is a very useful app to maintain a record of every expense made and every income received. It allows to create different charts to review were users is spending most of money.

This app can help to set a monthly limit and manage money in a smarter way. User can view the expenses made by week, month and year, and the income for the same periods.

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