Top 10 Most Essential Android Apps

Everyday Google Play marked is filled up with hundreds and thousands new apps and games. Many of them we install on our smartphones. Unfortunately not all apps are good. From our experience I can tell you that you should have on your smartphone 10 essential apps that you need in different situations. These are the apps that you can’t do too many things on your Android. Here is the list.

ES Explorer

A file manager will be always needed on your Android. On the Google Play market you can find hundreds of similar tools, but I would recommend not to lose time and to choose the ES Explorer file manager app. Compared to others, ES Explorer can connect to your cloud clients like Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive and others. Besides this you can get access to your system folders, of course before this you will require root access.

ES File Explorer

With ES Explorer you can easy watch videos, browser through pictures and listen music.

Get ES Explorer

Xposed Framework

Xposed Framework is a special module and with it you can run any useful tool which will give more functions and possibilities to your Android. With Xposed Framework you can change the appearance of your Android, add new functions and delete functions you don’t like. In one work it is a very useful thing for a geek.

Get Xposed Framework

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The modern smartphone already for a long time replaces the photo camera. To better manage your photos you should have a cool app for viewing photos. In this category the best app is QuickPic, its a fast and beautiful app which easy can manage your photo collection. It can show photos in a slide show and has a simple photo editor.


The most important thing, is that it allows you to backup your photos on services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Flickr, OneDrive, Box, Amazon, «Яндекс», 500px, OwnCloud and many more.

Get QuickPick

YouTube or Viral Tube

Every time we need to see how something is done, we go to YouTube and search for video tutorials, also we like to listen to new music on YouTube. That’s why you need the YouTube app. Also if you choose ViralTube app, it will give you more functions that YouTube original app.

Get YouTube

Get ViralTube

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Google Maps or 2GIS

What is the best app to check online maps? Of course Google, as Google was the first to create Google Earth with all round globe on the map. There is not any other better app than Google maps. Of course you can choose other apps that are oriented on details for a city, for example 2GIS app, but first check of your city is supported by 2GIS.

Get Google Maps

Get 2GIS

Duolingo or Memrise

Duolingo is one of the best apps which gives you good courses to learn a language. Also there is a big list of languages that you can learn. Once starting to learn a language you will like it and will continue every day. If you want to learn better words I would recommend the Memrise app, it helps you to better remember the words in a funny way.

Get Duolingo

Get Memrise

1Weather or Weather Bomb

The Weather apps on your smartphone is one of the most needed thing. The 1 Weather apps is one of the best app on the market with a beautiful interface and besides this it give you the most correct information.


If you need an app to give you weather detailed information then you should choose the Weather Bomb app, which will give you detailed information for your location in any time.

Get 1Weather

Get Memrise


Endomondo is a well know app for smartphones. It is one of the best apps that will count your physical state and activity every day. With its help you can record any physical activities. You can keep your records for years. I recommend this app to any person that like to keep himself fit and healthy and who wants to record his physical activities.


Get Endomondo


Bookmarks in your browser are an old thing. Now there is Pocket, a service that will keep all your bookmarks and notes. You can install Pocket for your browser as a plugin or on your smartphone as an app. All your saved bookmarks and note will be synced and you can access the from anywhere. Also with Pocket you can be safe that you will never loose any of your notes.

Get Pocket


I think that everyone tried to find for its Android smartphone some fitness apps. Me too, and I tried many of them and none of the apps I tried were so good as Sworkit. Sworkit will provide to you hundreds of fitness exercises. The best thing is that with Sworkit you will not need any fitness tools to do your exercises.


In such a way you will be able to keep yourself fit even by doing exercises at home.

Get Sworkit

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What apps are essentials for your mobile smartphone? Also I would remind you that we are talking about Android apps. Please write down the essential apps for you in the comments.

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