Clumsy Bird game screenshot

Flappy Bird mobile game was definitely a sensation, the game was hated so much that everyone started to try and try again to beat the score in it. Flappy Bird was one of the biggest hits, it’s creator was earning $50.000 a day, but because of bad comments in his address from frustrated users he decided to take the game down from all stores.

flappy bird game screenshot

Flappy Bird was developed by Vietnamese developer Nguyen Ha Dong. He decided to take it down because as he said the game was ruining his simple life and he cannot take this anymore.

After this success and from other developers point of view, Android Google Play and Apple App Store had a Boom of Clones, after Google and Apple decided to take down the closest clones to Flappy Bird.

Top Flappy Bird Clones to Play Today

1. Clumsy Bird (Android)
A very similar game play, but for sure the Clumsy character bird looks not as frustrating as Flappy. The bird look very nice and similar to Angry Birds, so you play Flappy Bird with a bird from Angry Birds.

Clumsy Bird game screenshot

2. Ironpants (Android/iOS)
Almost the same game, but instead of Flappy Bird you get a cape-wearing superhero instead. The game is very smooth and with no bugs. Very funny by the way.

4. Flappy Wings (Android)
Its a more funny Flappy Bird, almost identical, except the the bird is pooning everywhere.

5. Fly Birdie – Flappy Bird Flyer (iOS)
Almost the same game, it’s free to play but anyway you will have to pay 69 pounds for every three live you loose. Well a good way to make you win the game without loosing to much money.

fly birdie game screenshot

6. Super Ball Juggling (iOS)
This game is not like others, instead of Flappy Bird you got to keep uppies with a football.

7. Flappy Plane (iOS)
Instead of Flappy bird we get a Flappy planes, a very interesting clone to play.

flappy plane game screenshot

8. Flappy Bee (Android/iOS)
Flappy Bee is also a nice version of clone to play, the games is fine but with some small glitches.

9. Fluffy vs Flappy birds (iOS)
Another clone, not the best one, plus you will have to pay $1.49 to remove in-game ads.

10. Red Bouncing Ball Spikes (Android/iOS)
The only clone which costs money to download, it costs 69 pounds, it doesn’t look like a clone of Flappy Bird, but it’s nice to jump over spikes and pits.

What do you think? Did you try any of them? Try them and tell us which should be the best.


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